How to customize your home feed on Pinterest

How to customize your home feed on Pinterest

Pinterest users can customize their home feeds with the Homefeed tuner. They can update their interests through history, boards, topics and profiles.

pinterest allows users to customize their home flows to get the most out of the platform. Personalization is vital for social networks. Algorithms do their best to provide users with exactly what they want, but sometimes interests change. An account that someone followed a few years ago may not be what they like anymore. Even a council created some time ago would not be relevant today. This is why personalizing the welcome flow can be useful.

Twitter and Instagram allow users to personalize their feeds. Users can choose topics to follow and deactivate certain accounts. The easiest way to adjust what shows on the feed is to clean up the list of accounts followed by a user. This will eliminate things users don’t care about or clean them up, so there’s not much left in the stream. Pinterest offers an easy way to clean up the profiles users follow and other ways to personalize the home feed all in one place.


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pinterest has a “Homefeed tuner” feature which contains the user’s history, forums, topics and profiles. To adjust the welcome flow, go to the app and user profile. Next, click on the three-point line. Then select the settings and click on “Tuner Homefeed”. Boards, history, topics, and profiles are all listed for users to sort. Users can also follow these steps on the desktop. The only difference is clicking the down arrow instead of the three-dot lines.

Clean up the home thread

Once the user is in the “Homefeed Tuner”, they can browse through all of their boards and mute any topic they don’t want to see in the home feed. Next, click on History to see content the user has engaged with or posted recently. Click “Disable” for anything the person no longer wants to see. It can easily be reactivated by clicking “Activate”. Then move on to topics. Simply click “Delete” if you are no longer interested in it. Again, it’s easy to add. Just click “Add”. Finally, switch to Profiles to sort the list. Simply click on ‘Follow’ if the user does not want to follow the profile anymore and ‘Follow’ to follow him again.

The ‘Homefeed tuner’ function on pinterest is a handy tool for users to keep up to date so they can see what interests them the most or just how they feel right now on their home feed. For instance, Supernatural is no longer running, so the user may want to remove this board from the boards or stop following profiles linked to it. Maybe the user went through a DIY phase and wanted some project ideas. Now the user might be more interested in seeing other people’s works. The ‘DIY And Crafts’ topic can easily be deleted in the ‘Homefeed tuner’ to prevent this content from showing.

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