September 23, 2023
Sons of the Forest (Patch 1) March 9th Update Patch Notes

Sons of the Forest (Patch 1) March ninth Replace Patch Notes

There’s a brand new patch named Patch 1 (March ninth) for Sons of the Forest, and right here’s the complete record of modifications and fixes added with this patch. The sport is recent and has already turn into one of the well-liked video games. It’s the sequel to the 2014 online game The Forest, which is why it has a big fan base. Endnight Video games needs to supply gamers strong gameplay, so it helps the sport with updates from day one. The most recent model is fairly in depth and provides gamers vital stuff. The patch notes of the Sons of the Forest Patch 1 (March ninth) replace are under.

Sons of the Forest (Patch 1) March ninth Replace Patch Notes

Sons of the Forest (Patch 1) March 9th Update Patch Notes

For our first patch, we’ve got added a brand new mini-boss battle, new binoculars pickup, dangle gliders, defensive wall gates, and door locks, in addition to heaps extra; for the complete record, examine under:

Options – Sons of the Forest (Patch 1) March ninth Replace Patch Notes

  • Added Binoculars
  • Added Dangle Glider
  • Added Defensive Wall gate
  • Added mid recreation boss struggle into meals bunker
  • Added Settings Reset within the Choices display
  • Added lacking Virginia leather-based swimsuit pickup to world
  • Now you can lock doorways with a stick positioned on the inside of the door
  • Constructed small buildings (furnishings) can now be grabbed, whereas grabbed it may possibly both be positioned once more someplace or thrown to break down it and get again its sources.
  • Some extra story parts added
  • New headshot dying animation variations added for cannibals
  • Indignant common cannibals can assault now by leaping out of timber
  • Small birds will now land and eat/achieve fullness
  • Added possibility to cover participant title tags
  • Added possibility to cover projectile reticle and trajectory
  • Fish lure ought to now work and catch fish (each 5-10 minutes) so long as it’s positioned in water and the present season shouldn’t be winter
  • Added lookout towers to some cannibal villages
  • Story Paper pickups will now present UI to “Zoom” in
  • Added new construction kind: One Sided Apex. Fills the area between a leaning beam and its supporting beam. Aligns mechanically primarily based on the leaning beam orientation. Matches quarter log variations to the best size mechanically.


  • Added sleep cooldown
  • Set relaxation drain from starvation and dehydration to 0
  • Muddy Cannibals will now get much less indignant (from participant proximity and in late recreation)
  • Added chance of Participant Sleep Interruption occasions from close by enemies that may attain participant
  • Tweaked hearth drain charge to make utilizing firewood extra necessary
  • Tweaked berries to present barely extra fullness
  • Tweaked vitality drink to present half as a lot hydration and fewer vitality buff
  • Tweaked quantity of fullness and hydration all herbs and mushrooms give
  • Arduous enemy well being setting decreased to 1.25x well being
  • Elevated cannibal armor well being by 1.5x on arduous
  • Kelvin catch fish order will finish after a time
  • Mounted opening a collapse late recreation having too many enemies
  • Adjusted some participant melee occasions and ranges for higher A.I. responsiveness
  • Halved shotgun injury
  • Boosted seat relaxation quantity from 0.3 to 0.7
  • Added common Puffies to eating corridor
  • Elevated well being on creepies relying on quantity of multiplayer gamers lively

Enhancements – Sons of the Forest (Patch 1) March ninth Replace Patch Notes

  • Improved pink cannibal animation and blends
  • Mounted sleeping animation for feminine cannibal
  • Arrange participant effigy wrestle/idle for multiplayer
  • Mounted ‘bouncy’ logs when deep in water
  • Efficiency velocity up for world locators
  • Added Logic to permit hatches and doorways to be pressured open when participant is spawned inside
  • Repair for some LOD’s generally not switching accurately
  • Mounted error prompted when quitting whereas in dying wakeup
  • Distinctive/Story gadgets are actually power outfitted when they’re collected
  • Door orientation is now decided by the place of the participant when inserting it, the face in entrance of participant is the inside face
  • Adjusted Deer and Moose locomotion for higher pathing
  • Prevented inserting bench so shut to things that participant could possibly be caught when standing up after sitting on it
  • Added extra small prop setup for melee impacts and collision
  • Added LODs/optimization for the wall torch
  • Destroying screw storage now spawns saved gadgets as dynamic pickups
  • Seaside greebles regenerated with coral rock sizes decreased
  • Bunker meals mounted some small lighting points
  • Added radio to bunker meals
  • Turned the desk playing cards for Mr. and Mrs. Puffton into story pickups


  • Ought to now not be capable to get by way of locked doorways with a stick (Sorry velocity runners!)
  • Mounted Kelvin reducing down timber with participant buildings hooked up
  • Mounted keycard visitor not opening the 2 doorways in bunker leisure and never being wanted to get into bunker residential
  • Mounted ghost blueprints not rendering underwater (for instance fish lure)
  • Mounted some stream underwater rendering glitches
  • Mounted some potential points on multiplayer disconnect
  • Mounted a number of points with enter bindings
  • Mounted participant caught after dying whereas climbing rope
  • Mounted with the ability to place paper goal on tarp collision
  • Mounted place defensive wall possibility obtainable on non grounded pillars, typically leading to invalid placement that will get rejected
  • Mounted inserting a defensive wall log towards a pillar product of log quarter variation inflicting an invalid placement that will get rejected
  • Mounted destroying the small animal deadfall lure getting its sources yielded again twice
  • Mounted some points occurring when a fireplace is destroyed whereas interacting with it
  • Mounted lifting tarp with stick generally not detecting stick being outfitted correctly when auto outfitted leading to a pointless delay earlier than performing the motion
  • Mounted including log planks to ghost blueprint buildings by splitting logs mechanically not consuming the log correctly
  • Mounted case the place some parts from some unbuilt outlines could possibly be eliminated
  • Quantity repair for cave visuals disabling when navigating into some corners of caves
  • Fixes for numerous open rock / cliff edges in terrain
  • Mounted case the place Virginia seize bag interplay might set off at similar time as pickup, resulting in unhealthy participant state
  • Mounted case of participant caught attacking with spear after revive
  • Mounted enemy armor setting not working
  • Mounted animal depend setting not working accurately
  • Mounted participant in a position to set off actions whereas doing floor assaults, fixes some doable non permanent caught states.
  • Mounted some circumstances of small birds not being fearful of participant
  • Mounted some incorrect keyboard icons for keypad inputs
  • Mounted music not taking part in in title display after leaving a multiplayer recreation
  • Autumn floor leaves shouldn’t pop on visually as a lot now
  • Participant will now not get right into a damaged state when making an attempt to equip an merchandise that they’re already holding and have maxed out in stock
  • Mounted a transition to maneuver with Tactical Axe which was stopping assault/block/parry from activating throughout it
  • Mounted case the place eradicating a beam supporting a pillar wouldn’t re-link the pillar correctly with its new help, leading to incorrect pillar place calculated after the cascading repositioning course of
  • Mounted wooden stack loading from saves as an apex (non retro-active)
  • Added participant saving system for cutscenes
  • Mounted the cave shark consuming severed limbs wanting damaged
  • Mounted some cave entrance bat scare spawn areas
  • Mounted some eagle perch touchdown / takeoff points. Add a perch spot to tall lifeless stump
  • Mounted subject the place strolling over leisure bunker might trigger timber and different world objects to vanish.
  • Cannibals ought to now not snap lengthy distances to climb into home windows
  • Repair for purchasers now not loading into the right season when rejoining a saved recreation
  • Gamers held gadgets at time of knockout are actually remembered upon being revived
  • Tutorials will now not be power closed when opening the pause menu and are as a substitute simply visually toggled. This could repair some tutorials such because the decide up development component tutorial from finishing earlier than the participant has truly executed it
  • Participant will now not slide down slopes when both utility e book is held or when the participant is of their stock
  • Can now not connect each the laser sight and flashlight weapon mods to the crossbow on the similar time
  • Mounted some circumstances of multiplayer consumer in a position to duplicate logs
  • Mounted repairing wooden stacks not placing its parts again in right place
  • Mounted floating log when chopping down a tree with tree shelter hooked up to it
  • Mounted Screw Buildings being damaged aside haven’t any audio
  • Tagged auto jumps off on moveable gentle
  • Mounted Kelvin dropping radios destroying the radio
  • Mounted weapons given to Virginia not being returned with right amount of ammo and weapon upgrades
  • Modified fade distance on icons barely to make them extra seen
  • Mounted for participant in a position to be pushed by way of terrain if one other gamers stand on their head
  • Mounted opening hatches eradicating weapon upgrades from at present held weapon
  • Made certain participant accurately aligns to dying marker when dying at excessive peak
  • Eliminated floating life vest
  • Mounted displacement digging visuals breaking on some high quality settings

Audio – Sons of the Forest (Patch 1) March ninth Replace Patch Notes

  • Improved audio CPU overhead
  • Improved some cannibal audio/vocals
  • Lowered audio stuttering points
  • Lowered depth of excessive wind audio to scale back efficiency influence
  • Lowered max situations of footstep audio to scale back CPU price and enhance efficiency
  • Modified the audio ringing impact on explosions and grenades to reduce as you might be farther from the explosion to keep away from it reducing out with distance
  • Spittle audio added to first spittle nest in leisure bunker
  • Added fadeouts to physics sounds
  • Tuned participant rock footstep when operating, waterfall and surf ranges
  • Added gun struggle audio earlier than door opening to “Get down son” cutscene
  • Up to date triggered and reset audio occasions on flyswatter, bone maker and small animal traps
  • Prevented restore software from spamming SFX inflicting efficiency and audio points
  • Mounted audio loop not ending when climbing down ropes

Sons of the Forest is on the market on Home windows (Early Entry). For extra info relating to this replace, take a look at the official Steam put up.

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