Pinterest now lets creators export their video content to other platforms – TechCrunch

Pinterest now lets creators export their video content to other platforms – TechCrunch

In order to help Pinterest creators better reach their wider audience on social media, the company is today launch a new feature for its Ideas Pins — its first new Video Pin format introduced last year in an attempt to catch up with the social media industry’s shift from static images to video. Now, Pinterest says its creators will be able to upload and share their Idea Pins on social media, including Facebook, Instagram and others.

Idea Pins, while meant to help Pinterest be more competitive with TikTok and other short video experiences, aren’t just videos. Instead, they’re more like a mix of stories and videos, each with up to 20 pages of content that you can browse like a story. This content can include either a static image or a video, optionally annotated with text and graphics. Users can scroll through different Idea Pins from creators they follow in a TikTok-like vertical feed.

With the launch of Pin Sharing, creators must first tap the “FB Stories” or “IG Stories” icon in the sharing menu, which will initiate the Idea Pin download. The content will then be saved as a watermarked video that stitches together all of the Idea Pin pages, then ends with a card that displays the creator’s name and Pinterest username – a format that mimics the option of TikTok download. Once the upload is complete, Pinterest will redirect the user to the Facebook or Instagram app with the story creation feed open and the watermarked Idea Pin video ready to edit and post.

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While integration with Facebook and Instagram is built in, Pinterest notes that the upload option will still allow creators to share to other platforms as well, including popular destinations like Snapchat and TikTok.

The sharing feature would allow creators to market their Pinterest presence on social platforms, driving their audience to Pinterest where they could use the site’s new tools to monetize their short videos. On Pinterest, creators can use Idea Pins to make content shoppable through affiliate links and they can partner with paid brand partnerships, much like they can on other platforms, like TikTok. and Instagram. They can also earn money by participating in challenges launched by Pinterest as part of the company’s $20 million Creator Rewards fund in the United States.

Watermarking videos could help Pinterest creators get more views for content originally produced for Pinterest and grow their following, but it’s clear Pinterest also hopes videos will serve as a marketing tool for Pinterest itself. .

The Pinterest site was created as a picture bulletin board in the early days of the web, as a place where users recorded ideas, such as things they wanted to buy, recipes they wanted to cook, home decor plans, travel inspirations and more. Pinterest then tried to connect these ideas to commerce, working with retailers and online merchants to advertise to Pinterest users and integrate their content. But in the end, video proved to be a much more impactful shopping tool than static images.

At a recent creator event, for example, TikTok announced that 48% of its users immediately bought a product they had seen on the platform at some point – a phenomenon so widespread that it has even become a saying: “TikTok made me buy it.” He also said 67% of TikTok users were inspired to buy at a time when they weren’t even on the app to shop.

While Pinterest watermarks can help reach creators’ own audiences via Stories, other platforms will likely downgrade content in their algorithmic feeds if it contains a watermark. Instagram has bluntly said he’ll use it as a signal to downgrade the content in his Reels tab, actually.

Pinterest says its new Idea Pin upload and share features are rolling out today to all users.